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Willamette Senior Services
Adult Foster Homes

Our homes were born from a love of caring for others. Whether you or a loved one is recovering from injury, illness or advancing through the aging process, WSS is here to help. Our homes provide a full level of compassionate care in beautiful home settings. We are RN managed with highly skilled staff awake 24/7. To learn more about our Adult Foster Homes, please click here.

Adult Foster Home Q&A

What is an Adult Foster Home?

Adult Foster Homes provide alternatives to costly nursing home placements, allowing the elderly and those with disabilities to live in a home setting while receiving personalized care.  


How many residents are in Adult Foster Homes? 

In Oregon, Adult Foster Homes are licensed for a maximum of five residents per home.


What do the “Classes” mean? 

Adult Foster Homes are licensed according to “Class”. These are Class I, Class II or Class III. (See Glossary)

A “Class” is determined by the level of care a resident needs to perform their individual Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

For each ADL a person is determined to be:

  • Independent” (meaning the resident can complete the task alone)
  •  “Assistance” (meaning the resident needs assistance or reminders to complete the task)
  •  “Dependent” (meaning the resident is unable to assist with any part of the task)


What is included in the monthly rent?
Each foster home determines their charges independently.  At WSS Foster Homes we charge a flat monthly room and board rate based on an assessment of the prospective resident.  Our fee includes most everything needed to care for your loved one, including meals, laundry, nighttime care, incontinence supplies and RN oversight of medications and therapies.

Will my loved one ever have to move?
In some cases the answer could be yes.  For example, if a person lives in a Class I home but declines in health and needs extra care they could no longer be considered appropriate for a Class I home.  At WSS Foster Homes, we are RN managed Class III homes, meaning your loved one will never have to leave due to a change in health condition.